Our Whiskey Program



American Whiskey is the true companion to barbecue. The use of wood barrels (charred oak barrels in the case of bourbon and rye) in the aging process, its ties to ancestral roots, and its big and bold beautiful flavors make whiskey barbecue’s perfect pairing. Whether you are new to whiskey or a long-time aficionado, we would love to pour you a glass. Guests can experience our collection with one of our whiskey flights (including the Andy’s Baller Flight) and select from our seasonal recommendations, or you may prefer to discover your own favorites from our list of over 240 American whiskeys.

Looking for something even more unique than Pappy, Kentucky Owl Batch No. 10 or Orphan Barrel Series? We invite you to try our rotating private barrel collaborations with some of our favorite whiskey brands. Every private barrel bottle is a unique blend made for and available exclusively at the Smoke Shop. Check out our current private barrel selections:
Knob Creek x The Smoke Shop BBQ Private Barrel – a bourbon selected by our team in June 2021
Journeyman x The Smoke Shop BBQ Private Barrel – a private selection of Journeyman’s Corsets, Whips, and Whiskey

 Not into whiskey? We still love you and hope you’ll love our craft beer and cocktail program (oh, and we have wine too). Each location features cocktails unique to its space and bar team.

Join us for our private and group whiskey classes, where an intimate-sized group will be guided through our whiskey program. Each class is driven by a theme and includes a BBQ tasting. Plus, some classes will feature the maker or representative from the distillery for a unique experience.

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