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After spending 20+ years on the competitive BBQ circuit with his team iQue, taking countless BBQ-focused trips around the country, and authoring three BBQ cookbooks, to say Andy has a passion for live-fire cooking and barbecue is an understatement. Our BBQ menu is Andy’s tribute to his favorite dishes and the different styles of BBQ across the country. Our standard-bearers–like our Famous Wings, 1st Place Ribs (yes they won 1st place in many competitions), our Texas-Style Brisket and the Burnt Ends– are joined by more chef-driven dishes like our Gardein Hot Bowl. We call this combination: City ‘Q. When you visit, be sure to save room for dessert and to experience the Butter Cake, a gooey dessert born in St. Louis. Our recipe comes from Andy’s good friend and co-competitor Ken Goodman, who taught Andy how to make it during one of their BBQ competition weekends.

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