Smoke Shop Georgia Peach Tea


Sweeten up your cookout, gatherings, or a simple moment to yourself. The Summer Sweet Georgia Peach is a premium black tea made with our friends at Fazenda – Boston’s leading specialty coffee and tea provider. Full-bodied & flavorful, it’s a classic summertime tea. It’s amazing as a sweet tea or with a slice of lemon.

One box/order of our Summer Sweet Georgia Peach Tea contains a single 3.5oz (99g) bag of loose tea. It’s a caffeinated premium black tea containing Assam black tea, apricots, natural and artificial flavor. It’s perfect for steeping individually or for pouring from a pitcher – it’s up to you.

See below for more information and steeping guidelines

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Caffeinated Black Tea

Ingredients: Assam black tea, apricot, natural & artificial flavors

One box/order contains a single 3.5oz (99g) of loose tea.

Steeping Guidelines (Individual): Brew using 1 tsp or 1 satchel of tea with water at 180-200°F / 82-93°C. Steep for 4-5 minutes.

Brewing Suggestions (Iced Tea): Brew using 50 grams of tea for 32 oz. water at 200°F / 93° C. Steep for 4 minutes; if brewing sweet tea, add sugar now. Add 32 oz. cold water or ice to yield a half-gallon of iced tea.