Paul Krato

Paul Krato

Paul grew up in an area known as Bayou Tigre, south of Delcambre and Erath Louisiana. His mother was from St. Louis and his daddy is from Louisiana. His family owned a slaughterhouse where they made sausage, boudin, and cracklin. They owned land, grew crops, raised cattle and other livestock. They also commercially crawfished, crabbed, and shrimped. Before working for the Smoke Shop BBQ, he worked mainly all over Lafayette, LA and New Orleans, LA. He did traveled the country when he worked for Bonefish Grill. He has spent his life in the culinary industry and his main expertise revolves around meat in its entirety.

As our Kitchen Manager at our Kendall Square location, Paul oversees the daily operations of the kitchen, leading his team and making sure they have everything they need to provide the best BBQ experience for our guests. He can be seen teaching his line cooks new techniques, chatting with guests, and telling stories about his time down sout

A little more about Paul…

Favorite thing about BBQ: Paul loves the fact that BBQ has a crazy ancient history that dates back to the Middle Ages.

Favorite thing about working for Smoke Shop: The sense of work-life balance he has. He feels he has enough time to sleep properly and eat well while not worrying about work when he’s at home.

Where you can find her on a day off: You can find him somewhere in the middle of the woods. He is very into old American history, and that is where he is able to find it.