Mateusz Oleksak

Mateusz Oleksak

Originally from Poland, Mat’s early years were shaped by family experiences and a passion for culinary exploration. A stroke of luck rewarded his family to win a visa lottery, bringing them to America to live out their dreams. His academic journey led him to pursue biochemistry, but after spending time in the lab, Mat realized that his personality was better suited for a more interactive profession. He dove into the culinary world, starting from humble beginnings as a dishwasher and working his way up through various roles, including prep cook, line cook, sous chef, and CDC. Mat’s remarkable experiences include contributing to esteemed establishments like Committee and Myers’s and Chang under the guidance of Joanne Chang.

At The Smoke Shop, Mat assumes the prestigious role of Kitchen Manager at our Assembly Row location in Somerville. His passion for crafting exquisite dishes is evident as he skillfully tends to the smokers and ensures that every meat slice develops the perfect bark. Collaborating closely with the kitchen team, he follows high-quality standards to ensure the best BBQ possible.

A little more about Mat…

Favorite thing about BBQ: To Mat, BBQ is more than a culinary adventure, it’s a captivating experience that brings people together. The art of smoking meats presents a daily challenge that he gladly embraces, and the intoxicating aroma of freshly-smoked meats excites his senses. Just like baking, Mat believes that patience is vital in the BBQ process, and each meat cut tells its own flavorful tale when it’s perfectly ready.

Favorite thing about working for The Smoke Shop: For Mat, working at The Smoke Shop BBQ is a fulfilling journey. The sense of camaraderie and professionalism shared amongst team members across all restaurants creates an environment where creativity and dedication thrive.

Where you can find Mat on a Day Off: On his day off, you’ll often find Mat exploring charming Massachusetts towns, discovering quaint bakeries and unique shops.