Marlen Baker

Marlen Baker

Marlen Baker was born in the city that never sleeps, Brooklyn, New York. He moved to Boston and grew up exploring all the food that our city has to offer. Our resident comedian started doing standup in 2003, traveling around telling jokes and doing what he does best – putting a smile on people’s faces. He is a proud father to his son, Sadirus, with family everywhere he goes.

As General Manager of our Hub Hall location, he is hands-on with his team in all operations. He makes sure they’re putting out the highest-quality BBQ worthy of the Best of Boston: Best Barbecue title. Under Marlen’s leadership, every guest is greeted and treated with care (as we like to say – as if it were your grandmother).

A little more about Marlen…

Favorite thing about BBQ: The smoky smell and unique flavor of every bite.

Favorite thing about working for the Smoke Shop: He started part-time at the Smoke Shop when there was only one location in Kendall Sq. As time went on, the company started to grow, and so did his position. He witnessed growth first-hand, and never looked back.

Where you can find him on a day off: On stage telling jokes or off somewhere writing them.