Carl McCoy

Carl McCoy

Carl McCoy was born in Kansas City, Missouri where he began his restaurant career at a young age, with one of his first jobs (ironically) being in a barbecue restaurant. From there, he began a career in fine dining. He moved to Europe, worked in French kitchens, and even gained experience as a chef in Italy. Eventually returning to the US, he moved New York City, working in numerous FOH positions while also owning restaurants in Brooklyn.

As Director of Operations, Carl oversees the beverage program and manages day-to-day operations at each location while also working toward long-term business goals. He supervises daily communication across numerous teams while also identifying profits, losses, and how to operate within the parameters of budgets.

A little more about Carl:

Favorite thing about working for the Smoke Shop: Carl enjoys how The Smoke Shop BBQ is a place where everyone can come and feel comfortable as they relax and enjoy a great reminder of BBQ as one of the best parts of American cuisine.

Where you can find him on a day off: If he’s not working, you can find him hanging out with his family hopefully by the beach!