Ashley Daley

Ashley Daley

Ashley grew up on the South Shore and has lived there for most of her life. She had her son Jayden shortly after graduating high school and after realizing that she wasn’t passionate about what she was studying in college, she decided to continue to pursue a career in hospitality. Ashley has worked in restaurants since she was 15 and has always loved the relationships that you build while working in the industry. She met her husband, Michael when they worked at a restaurant together in 2015, and while gaining a best friend, she also gained a stepson. They purchased their first home in 2021

As General Manager of our East Boston location, Ashley is hands-on with all aspects of the restaurant. She strives to be the person that you know you can rely on and loves to help her team develop, working side by side with them to help them grow.

A little more about Ashley…

Favorite thing about BBQ: The way that it brings people together. There’s something about it that you can bond with almost anyone over. Dig in, get messy, and have fun!

Favorite thing about working for the Smoke Shop: The vibe! She loves how excited everyone is to eat with us. She also loves that our staff genuinely cares about one another and that they truly are a team. We have the best BBQ, but we also have the best teams.

Where you can find her on a day off: At home with her family. They are super close, and she’s very fortunate to have a son that still wants to hang out with his momma. Ashley and her husband like to cook together, and they all just hang out and laugh until their stomachs hurt.