Bobby grew up in the Boston area but as his youth began to pass him by, he decided to uproot himself and move to New Orleans, where he befriended a group of Oklahomans that introduced him to the art of a slow cooked meal. Every Saturday, they would gather at 10am and start preparing a dinner that would not be ready until that night’s primetime college football game was on. Bobby returned to Boston with a passion for cooking large hunks of meat with wood and began his BBQ journey at Blackstrap BBQ in Winthrop before landing at the Smoke Shop BBQ in Kendall Square.

As the Kitchen Manager of our Kendall Square location, Bobby is responsible for smoking our meats to perfection and leading our hardworking kitchen team.

A little more about Bobby:

Favorite thing about BBQ: The jiggle of perfectly cooked brisket, the reddish hue of a rack of ribs just pulled out of the smoker, and sharing the secrets of BBQ with friends, family, and guests as they navigate through their own backyard adventures.

What he loves most about working for the Smoke Shop: Working with my kitchen team, educating people about the art of barbecue, and expounding upon the virtues of the early ‘70s Dead to Andy (a losing fight).

Where you can find him on a day off: Enjoying time away from work, most likely reading an old Highlights magazine.