The Grateful Bagel & The Smoke Shop BBQ Sandwich Collab (6/15)


We’re teaming up with The Grateful Bagel to bring you unreal bagel sandwiches with our famous BBQ meats!

Pre-order your bagel sandwich below and pick-up at our beautiful waterfront East Boston location on Saturday, 6/15, between 10am and 12pm. Directions to our East Boston location can be found here. Bagels are in limited quantity and will sell out fast, so we highly suggest pre-ordering to reserve your bagel sandwich (Sandwiches will also be available to order day-of depending on stock). If you prefer to order just a regular bagel with cream cheese, that will also be available to order on The Grateful Bagel website here.

Sandwiches Available for Pickup on 6/15 between 10am and 12pm:

  • Smoked Texas style brisket, scrambled eggs, pepper jack, Nashville aioli on an onion bagel $14
  • House smoked salmon, scallion cream cheese, on a poppy seed bagel with sweet & spicy coleslaw on the side $15
  • Cheddar jalapeño sausage, pimento cheese, scrambled eggs served on a plain bagel 13.00
  • Fried chicken, cheese sauce, scrambled eggs served on a sesame Bagel $14
  • The Frankenswine: Pulled pork, cheddar jalapeño link, mac & cheese, and slaw all on an everything bagel $16

How to Order:
To place your order, simply select the bagel you would like from the drop down menu. If you would like more than one of that bagel, you can adjust quantity of that bagel in the black box next to the “ADD TO CART” button. Once added to cart, you can stay on the listing to add different bagels to your cart as well.



"Texas Style Brisket on an Onion Bagel", "Smoked Salmon on Poppy Seed Bagel", "Cheddar Jalapeño Sausage on a Plain Bagel", "Fried Chicken on a Sesame Bagel", "The Frankenswine on an Everything Bagel"

Pick-Up Location

"The Smoke Shop BBQ East Boston: 45 Lewis St. Boston, MA 02128"

Pick-Up Time

"10am-12pm June 15, 2024"