Smoking & Grilling Seafood with Pitmaster Andy Husbands (9/11)


Join us on Saturday, September 11th from 11:30am-2:30pm at our Assembly Row location for a class from Pitmaster Andy Husbands all about smoking seafood. See more details below.

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Seafood is one of the more technically difficult items to smoke and grill. Unlike many of the typical proteins in BBQ that can withstand long hours in a dry environment, seafood is a low-fat protein that can dry out quickly in the heat. But, when done right, the delicate flavors of the seafood are lightly kissed with smoke and retain plenty of moisture.

In this class, guests will master the science of smoked seafood, focusing on salmon, shrimp, and cod using recipes from Andy’s latest cookbook, The Smoke Shop’s Backyard BBQ. We’ll also include a cocktail demonstration and recipe packets for each attendee.

Your ticket includes a meal featuring the items from the class as well as the cocktail demonstration and gratuity.

The Dishes:

  • Smoked salmon, shrimp and cod
  • Salmon with cucumber chow chow
  • Smoked cod dip with black pepper crackers
  • Smoked shrimp cocktail with remoulade
  • Rye & peach clafoutis