Overnight Brisket Class with Andy Husbands (3/19 & 3/20)


*This event will be held at our Assembly Row location.

Texas Brisket is one of the ultimate meats in BBQ. When smoked right, brisket is a flavorful and juicy meat with a dark outer bark and a thin pink smoke ring. Brisket takes time (lots of time) and is composed of two muscles that cook differently so it is not an easy meat to master. That’s why we are devoting two days to this class. See more details on each day below.

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Day 1: Friday, March 19th 6:30-9:00pm

  • Learn straight from Pitmaster and BBQ champion Andy Husbands how to butcher, trim, and inject your own brisket.
  • Learn how to make a number of different style BBQ rubs and create your own signature BBQ rub to test on your brisket.
  • Watch a cocktail demo and create your own bourbon-inspired cocktail.
  • Feast on a fried chicken dinner.

Day 2: Saturday, March 20th 12:00-2:00pm

  • Start the day with a blind taste test of each attendee’s brisket and vote for your favorite.
  • Next, we’ll take you through how to slice your brisket like a professional.
  • The day ends with lunch where all guests will enjoy their own brisket with all the fixin’s from the Smoke Shop kitchen.
  • Plus, you’ll take the rest of your brisket (and some war stories from the Pit) home!

Your ticket includes a whole brisket, cocktail demo, and fried chicken dinner as well as tax and gratuity.