Old Elk Whiskey Tasting & Dinner @ The Smoke Shop Assembly Row (8/1)


Featured Partner: Old Elk
Whiskey TASTING & Dinner
Thursday, August 1st
6:30 PM
The Smoke Shop BBQ–Assembly Row

*This event is family-style seating. tax and gratuity are included in ticket price*

To celebrate Master Distiller Greg Metze’s Boston trip, we’re hosting a special one-time only dinner at our Assembly Row location. Our owner and Head Pitmaster, Andy Husbands, has created a special menu to pair with some of Old Elk’s most esteemed spirits. Master Distiller Greg Metze, who has won the Master Distiller/Master Blender of the Year Award at the 2024 Icons of Whisky Awards, will take us through a three-flight tasting of some of Old Elk’s most esteemed spirits. His 38 years of experience in the industry contribute to the high quality of spirits produced at Old Elk. Known for their dedication to quality and innovation, Old Elk Whiskey embodies the spirit of Colorado with locally sourced, meticulously crafted spirits.

Highly regarded for their expertise and tradition, Old Elk focuses on creating spirits with distinctive flavor profiles, their products are known for their smoothness, depth of flavor, and balance. Their products have garnered recognition and awards within the industry, further establishing Old Elk Distillery as a leader in the craft spirits scene in Colorado and beyond.

At this family-style seating event, we will pair each whiskey with a curated menu of appetizers, dinner, and dessert that perfectly complement the whiskey. Old Elk Whiskey’s complexity will balance the flavors of this meal, ensuring an unforgettable dining experience with a Master Distiller and Award-Winning Pitmaster.

Featured Expressions from Old Elk

  • Old Elk Port Cask Finish
  • Old Elk Armagnac Finish
  • The Smoke Shop BBQ Old Elk Wheated Single Barrel


– Pulled Pork Tamales with New Mexican Chili Sauce
– Smoked Prime Rib with Smoke Beef Jus with Fancy Cornbread and Creamed August Corn
– Peach & Berry Crisp

**Ticket price includes tax, gratuity, and kitchen appreciation fee.**

**We take photos and videos during events for marketing purposes. Please let us know if this is something you are uncomfortable with.**



The Smoke Shop BBQ – Assembly Row




Must be 21+ to attend