NEW Style BBQ Class with Pitmaster Andy Husbands (9/17)


Join us at our Assembly Row location on Saturday, September 17th from 12:00-2:30pm for our NEW Style BBQ Class with Pitmaster Andy Husbands.

**Your ticket includes a class by Pitmaster Andy Husbands, a discussion about BBQ and smoking, a lunch of everything taught in class, and a whiskey tasting and presentation. Tickets are non-refundable but transferrable via a single e-gift card. Cancel within 72 hours of the class to be refunded 50% of the ticket cost via a single e-gift card.**

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New style BBQ is a classic technique of cooking BBQ with modern, non-traditional garnishes. This is a great class for those who want to expand their horizons beyond what we’ve known and love as BBQ. We’ll also include a cocktail demonstration and recipe packets for each attendee.


– Texas Style Smoked Beef Rib Quesadillas:
Salsa Roja, Chipotle Sour Cream
– Mirin & Yuzu Slow Smoked Beef Cheeks Fried Rice
Day-old Rice, Thai Basil, Mint, Smoked Egg
– Chicken & Dumpling Remixed
Smoked Thigh, Korean Noodles, Smoked Chicken Velouté
– Basil Kim’s Chicken Wings
Magic Paste, Balsamic Soy Glaze


Enjoy a unique whiskey cocktail as you dive into a guided whiskey tasting and cocktail demonstration featuring Hudson Whiskey. The class will be presented by Michael Boughton of William Grant & Sons who is a seasoned whiskey educator with many years of hands-on experience in Boston restaurants and bars. Cocktail recipes will be provided to take home as well, so that you may recreate your (new) favorite Hudson Whiskey cocktail on your own.

Smoke Shop BBQ Class Series Presented with Hudson Whiskey


Assembly Row


Non Refundable


Regular, Non-Alcoholic Cocktail